Health & Wellness in the Community

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Providence Cooks! classes a delicious way to learn healthy cooking
Registered Dietitian Kay MacInnis sharing healthy cooking tips at Providence Cooks!

If you prefer to get your information lie and in-person, check out the programs below that demonstrate strategies to get healthy and stay healthy.  

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Our team of health experts -- including doctors, pharmacists, exersize specialists and more -- have been honing their skills and knowledge through years of academic, clinical, and professional training. They want to share their knowledge with you. Our monthly Providence Talks! give the public a chance to ask questions and hear insight straight from the experts. 

This monthly, award-winning cooking class is more than just another demonstration. This is the key to making healthy food a flavorful staple in your diet. From tailgating to a multi-course holiday meal, Providence Cooks! is our most popular community class offering. Join our chefs and special guests for the next class.

Jesus' classroom of choice was the community. Providence Health's mission of Making Communities Healthier by Extending Christ's Healing Ministry states our commitment to follow his lead.